Devotional February 26

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 16:3

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”


In Proverbs 16:3, we find a profound principle for success rooted in a deep relationship with God. The act of committing our work to the Lord goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it is an intentional surrender of our plans and efforts to the divine guidance of a loving Creator. This scripture challenges us to reevaluate our approach to daily tasks, encouraging us to seek God’s wisdom and direction in every aspect of our work. As we align our goals with His purpose, we can trust that our plans will be firmly established, rooted in the fertile soil of God’s sovereign will.

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Moreover, this verse invites us to cultivate a mindset of dependence on God. It’s an acknowledgment that, apart from Him, our endeavors are futile. The assurance of established plans is not a promise of a trouble-free journey but a guarantee of divine partnership. When we commit our work to the Lord, we embark on a journey where success is defined not just by worldly standards but by the alignment of our efforts with God’s eternal purpose. This profound truth calls us to a life of intentionality, recognizing that our work, when entrusted to God, becomes a channel through which His plans are fulfilled.


Gracious God, as we commit our work to you, grant us the wisdom to discern your plans. May our efforts be aligned with your purpose, and may we find fulfillment in contributing to your divine work. In our journey, let your guidance be our compass, and may the establishment of our plans be a testament to your faithfulness. Amen.

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