Transformative Offerings

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Bible Discussion

Explore the richness of scripture with us every first and third Tuesday of the month at Vision Fellowship Ministries. Our online Bible Discussion welcomes individuals of all denominations to join in the conversation, where we read and discuss scripture based on a chosen topic. These engaging sessions take place live via Webex, providing a dynamic and interactive platform for meaningful dialogue and shared insights. Join our global community as we delve into the Word, fostering connections and embracing diverse perspectives in the exploration of faith.

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Pastoral Care

Discover the compassionate side of Vision Fellowship Ministries through our comprehensive pastoral care services. From heartfelt visitations to warm greetings expressed through personalized cards and the camaraderie of our Men’s Group, we extend our caring touch to nurture God’s children on their spiritual journeys. Our pastoral care goes beyond these offerings, seeking to meet the unique needs of individuals wherever they are on their paths, recognizing that our ministry is not limited to current programs but continually evolves to address our community’s diverse and changing needs. At Vision Fellowship, pastoral care is a commitment to creating a caring and inclusive space where everyone can experience God’s love and support. Join us in this journey of care, connection, and community.

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Digital Literacy

Empower yourself with Vision Fellowship Ministries’ Digital Literacy Program, designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in navigating the technology that shapes our lives. Our dedicated instructors guide you through practical lessons, teaching not only how to use various technologies but also the essential skills to stay safe in the digital landscape. Beyond education, we provide ongoing care and support for your technology, ensuring a seamless and secure integration into your daily life. Join us in the journey towards digital empowerment, where knowledge meets safety and support in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Our community is without boarders

Being an online ministry, Vision Fellowship reaches individuals all over the country.

Facebook Group

We offer a private Facebook group for those who wish to connect with others in the community on a regular basis. You can find us on Facebook by clicking the link below Vision Fellowship Ministries

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