Welcome to Vision Fellowship

Who we are

Vision Fellowship Ministries is an inclusive online community of faith dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth and fostering love and compassion among its members. Our organization believes in the power of unity and the transformational impact of trust. Our comprehensive programs offer insightful teachings, guidance, and support that lead individuals toward personal and spiritual development. Our initiatives aim to positively impact society by promoting love, understanding, and social justice. Join us as we journey towards a higher purpose and discover the joy of living a life guided by faith.

Our Mission

Guided by our faith, Vision Fellowship Ministries is committed to serving and uplifting our community through purposeful outreach, holistic support, and unwavering love. We strive to meet the diverse needs of individuals, fostering a culture of compassion, unity, and spiritual enrichment for the betterment of all.

Our Vision

Vision Fellowship Ministries is dedicated to fostering a compassionate faith community where transformative services empower needy individuals, creating a haven of support, spiritual growth, and hope for a brighter future.

Our Core Values

Love and Compassion
Unity and Trust
Social Justice

Our Pastoral Team

Meet the heart and soul of Vision Fellowship – our dedicated pastoral team, a compassionate group of individuals committed to providing support, guidance, and prayer for the spiritual well-being of our community.

Rev. Sister Nan Owen Hoekman

I am called to community ministry and faith formation. I am the lead pastor at Spirit’s Way Community Ministry in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Through this Ministry, I have performed weddings and reaffirmations of faith ceremonies on the beach of Lake Michigan. Additionally, I have performed several memorials and other spiritual ceremonies and services.
I believe that all people are God’s children and must be cared for so that each child feels God’s love and spirit. My ministry is fully inclusive and open to all persons of all faiths.
My husband, Ron, and I have been married for over 20 years and reside in the Cudahy community. We have a blended family of five grown children, 15 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and our brindle terrier, Cherry.

Fred Claus

I’m Fred Claus, a dedicated individual navigating the intersection of two fulfilling roles. By day, I am a seasoned Cyber Security Consultant, utilizing my expertise to safeguard digital landscapes. However, my passion extends beyond technology, as I proudly serve as a Bi-vocational Pastor for Vision Fellowship Ministries. I find immense joy in this sacred capacityin fostering spiritual connections and providing pastoral care to our cherished community. Embracing the harmonious balance between the digital realm and the realm of faith, I bring a unique perspective to both spheres. At VFMI, I facilitate the bible discussions twice a month and manage the digital literacy training and support for the community.

Men’s Ministry Pastor

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