Devotional February 20

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:33

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”


Matthew 6:33 presents a profound directive from Jesus—a call to prioritize seeking the kingdom of God above all else. This verse serves as a compass for our lives, guiding us to place God at the center of our pursuits. It beckons us to align our desires, ambitions, and daily choices with the values of God’s kingdom. By seeking His righteousness first, we are promised that our other needs will be met abundantly.

Furthermore, this scripture challenges us to examine the nature of our priorities. In a world marked by constant pursuit, Jesus redirects our focus to the eternal. As we intentionally seek God’s kingdom, we participate in a transformative journey that extends beyond temporal concerns. This verse invites us to reflect on the nature of our ambitions and to cultivate a heart that hungers for righteousness. In doing so, we discover that God’s provision exceeds our expectations when our primary pursuit is the things of His kingdom.


Heavenly Father, help us to seek your kingdom above all else. May our hearts be attuned to your righteousness, and in our seeking, may you graciously meet our needs. Let our lives reflect the priorities of your kingdom, and may our pursuits be guided by your divine wisdom.

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