What We Do

Digital Literacy Training

Vision Fellowship Ministries has recognized the need to have better digital literacy program. The need to also bring these programs to the people who need them the most.  

Our program provides both online and in person training classes on various digital literacy topics.  This includes; Microsoft Office, Using the internet, Computer Basic, Internet Safety and more. 

Please click on the Contact us page and send us a message if you would like to learn more. 

Pastoral Care

Our mission is to help those in need.  No matter your age, race, sexual orientation, or financial status, Vision Fellowship Ministry will assist where we can.  

Some of the ways we help are. 

  • Visitation of the elderly and shut-ins
  • Clothing donations
  • Food collection
  • Prayer chain

While it's a short list here, we have so many different ways we can help.  if you have a need and think we could help, please contact us. 

Digital Worship

As part of our mission, we have been called to support the spiritual health of all.  Because of this, Vision Fellowship Ministries has introduced a digital worship service.  

Our worship is for all people, no matter if you have a church home or not. All are welcome to fellowship with us, as we discuss different topics and learn from what another.  

Currently our worship is through a Facebook group (link below) where we talk about various topics. We also have a live discussion that is done through a video conferencing platform as well. We meet the first and third Tuesday of each month for about an hour. This setting is a bit more formal with a scripture and questions to discuss.  

If you feel called to join us, feel free to check out our Facebook group or send us a message via the Contact Page to get the information about our live session. 

What We Care For!


We Operate a proviate Facebook group as a safe place for interested friends to share wtihout fear. if you would like to join us, please check out the page at by clicking the Facebook icon below


Our Techonology parthers, Husky Logic have created a YouTube page where they share short instructional videos about various techonolgy topics. You can begin your digital literacy journey by following this page and interacting with them on what other topics you would like to see. Click the Computer icon below to view this great channel.